We like to start any collaboration with an inventory, sometimes in a workshop format, during which we get to know you and your organisation better. This process enables us to create the right framework for our future communication cooperation.

Market analysis

What kind of reputation do you have right now? How are you perceived? How do you compare to your competitors? Who is being talked about in your markets and which influencers are taking notice? What’s being said and who is saying it? With the help of our tools we offer an in-depth analysis of your brand’s current media and business environment. The result is a great foundation for any company’s operational, marketing and communication planning.

Brand management

We help you determine the associations that should be linked to your brand and create themes and messages that will permeate through your organisation for a long time to come.

Communication strategy

We identify the main challenges facing your organisation when gaining and maintaining a good reputation and achieving your set goals. We discover insights and create effective PR and communication solutions that solve these challenges. We show you the road that goes from where you are today to the place you want to be tomorrow.

Activity plan

First we carry out conceptual work and then draw up a structured plan of activities, either on an annual or time-limited basis. In this plan we describe in detail what actions need to be made, by whom, when, where and how.


Based on your strategic guidelines we produce the messages and content that will appeal to relevant stakeholders and target groups. This includes content such as text, moving images, photographs and press releases.


We’ll promote your messages and content to the influencers and channels that deliver the best results. This could be, for example, influencers and media, internal channels such as newsletters and websites and/or external digital channels.


We’re here to support you and help drive internal and external debate in order to change attitudes to specific business-critical issues.

Crisis communication

With our help you’ll learn the basics of crisis communication and be equipped with the tools to make it easier to meet and manage a crisis should it occur.

Crisis management

If a crisis strikes it’s crucial to make the right decisions quickly, often in a stressful and pressured situation. At times like this it can be useful to have support from outside your business.

Monitoring and measurement

An important prerequisite for creating the right strategies and setting the right goals are facts. Global monitoring, media monitoring and measuring the effect of communication in your channels all generate facts that should be of enormous interest to all managers –  not least for business and operational planning and launches.

We’ve created monitoring and measurement solutions that can be tailored to you and your company. We’ve packaged these solutions under three main headings:

  • Media and external monitoring + measurement
  • Measure effectiveness of communication in your own channels
  • Measurement analysis for managers and management groups


Take the opportunity to learn more about communication! We offer the following courses for you and your organisation:

  • Media training
  • How to become a PR genius
  • Get started with digital
  • How to handle a crisis
  • Communicative leadership
  • Critical-thinking communication
  • How to get noticed by journalists