Inviting interest, creating commitment and building trust.

At Punkt PR we specialise in strategic communication and managing our customers’ reputations. With our help you’ll create business advantages by strengthening relationships with those that matter to you most. We’re skilled in getting people talking positively about you and ensuring your messages are communicated the right way.

As our client we’ll work creatively and strategically with you to develop your communication channels and encourage your audience to listen. We can create content and topics that get noticed and shared, build belief and trust and provide direction and clarity in times of crisis

We have been elected to the global PR network GlobalCom PR Network, ea network of 70 PR agencies from around the world. We often cooperate with other specialist agencies for advertising, events, web, film and identity work. Punkt PR is part of the Oddo, along with our sister companies Huxflux and Heja!


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